How much virtual memory should you have?

I was looking through my Vista settings and found the virtual memory settings. What size should it be? Some sites say that it is unnecessary, and some sites say it should be double your RAM. Most sites I've found only talk about having 1GB or less of RAM. My paging file is default set to 4393MB. What are some opinions about the proper size of this "paging file"?

Specs: (This is a laptop)
HDD: 320GB 7200rpm 16mb
RAM: 4GB of 667Mhz CL4
OS: Vista Ultimate 64-bit

Also, I have two partitions on the drive. One is for OS/programs, and the other is for data. Should the data partition have a paging file?
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  1. Just leave it alone. The Kernel does quite a good job at managing it automatically and one paging file is enough. No paging file usually works, but if you run several applications and one runs out of memory, then you'll have problems.
  2. virtual memory != Swap space.
  3. Sad Panda said:
    virtual memory != Swap space.

    You thought it was that important to mention, but didn't tell the difference?
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