Tesla using builtin overclocking utility produces errors in vista

hi, i ran the default occ utility for tesla in a desperate attempt to overclock it.....but i am receiving this error in windows vista 64....

"incompatible display adapter has been disable".

and my ati radeon card is disabled as well.

i need 64 bit so i can utilize more......please help guys
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  1. hey, i told you how to do it......tesla does not support vista 64bit with current drivers.....some modification was needed.....

    support for Tesla C1060 is one of the features listed in CUDA 2.1 release notes. There's a driver available for C1060 on Vista64

    support was added in 181.20 (the CUDA 2.1 driver). the problem is that the offscreen CUDA selector still isn't good for Tesla (it allows you to select one card--well, what if you have two Teslas?) but there are improvements coming there at a later date.

    Install an nvidia card as vista does not allow more than 1 gpu driver instead of ati....
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