Geforce Forceware 180.43(Beta) is out: go grab em:P for far Cry 2

Thats the link to the Vista 32 bit, at the top you'll see the rest of the windows links.

I think this 1 might address graphical glitches and stutters, since it was released this quick. (Beta)
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  1. I tried those Beta drivers, but they caused me problems......

    The first problem I did encounter was far cry not loading up and being left with a black box on the screen, but a quick google and I did find a fix.

    Far cry 2 then proceeded to load up just fine, then I entered the GFX setting, but on changing some of the GFX settings then clicking 'Apply' Far cry 2 stopped responding. I tried another couple of times with no success.

    I'm sure there's others running these drivers with no problems, But for me I've had to go back to 178.24 and now Far cry 2 is running just fine. It's a shame because these Beta drivers include Far cry 2 optimizations.
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