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Hello, what I am trying to do is hook up my Gamecube to my GPU (4870 1gb) so I can play it on my LCD monitor. My monitor is an Asus P243w.

I found a converter to convert the Gamecube's yellow video cable to s-video, and plugged it into the s-video socket on the graphics card. (the monitor is also plugged into the GPU via one of the two DVI sockets.) I just don't know how to get the image to appear on the screen. It just runs and loads windows as it normally would.

Do I need a special program, or can this even be done? Thanks for any help offered.
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  1. why not get a vga or dvi box/adapter instead. Plug it straight into your monitor, and run the sound through your PC. I was not aware that a VIVO (Video-In Video-Out) version of the 4800 series existed. You may want to double check that you can do video-in with that card, because I don't think you can.
  2. The plugs on the video card are outputs only - you can't run an input to them.
  3. Ohhh ok I see, I didn't know they were output only... I was avoiding buying an s-video to VGA converter cable to just plug it into the monitor, but I'll just do that. I mean they're >$10 anyway so no biggie. Thanks guys!
  4. Just a side not you wont see any resolutions higher then 800x600 which I think is an insult for that graphics card but either way enjoy your four player mode.
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