Phenom II x4 925

Hi all,

I recently got the PII and the CM Hyper 212+ cooler. I underclocked the CPU from 1.30 to 1.25V, and successfully overclocked it to 3.0GHz (from 2.8).

I'm wondering how far would the CPU go, and what other voltages should I change beside Vcore? And what is the max temp limit I should go?
I know that HTT should be around 2000MHz.

BTW with this cooler the temps are around 28oC (idle) and 43oC (full load in OCC) @ 3.0GHz. With the stock fan the temp wete 37oC and 56oC @ 2.8GHz.

Thanks for the reply.
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  1. I have an X3 720 with an unlocked 4th core, so it's pretty similar to your CPU. I am currently @ 3.5 GHz with 1.424 V. I have a Core Contact Freezer and my max load temp is 43 C.

    For Phenom II Quad Cores, you should stay below 71-72 C.

    As for how far you can take the CPU, it depends on the chip. In brief, it's all trial and error so try to raise your voltage and your clock, test with prime 95, then see if you can undervolt further.
  2. Yes, anywhere below 70c on a PII quad core is safe. i have a $25 ocz cooler, and it keeps mine pretty cool. load temp 42
  3. Today I got it stable with OCCT @ 235MHz FSB (2290MHz) and any higher it just isn't stable.The Vcore is at stock 1.30V. I've raised the Vcore up to 1.40, NB voltage but just couldn't get it stable v 250 or 250MHz FSB.

    I've loosen the memory timings and raised the voltage, so I think the memory is not the problem.

    Any advice??
  4. Couldn't get it stable @ 250 and 240MHz FSB. Think the FSB wall is a long way ahead?!

    So what could be the problem.

    BTW the MBO is Gigabyte 790x-ud3p.
  5. I have the same cpu but with an msi NF750-g55 and it wont let me manually change the fsb or voltage. What do i do to fix this. I have to use the stupid "easy oc" that msi has built onto the board
  6. intel P4 celron cpu's beat the phenom x2 by far. look at the intel reviews on their website
  7. amd is good and fine but it will never match the overclocking headroom of the intel cpu's. I still have my Pentium 3 and i have over clocked it to 5ghz and added 3 cores TAKE THAT AMD AND IT PLAYS CHYSIS IN FULL GRAPHICS AND WORKS WELL WITH MY EYEFINITY
  8. @ Beenerz

    Are you saying your Pentium 3 is running Crysis ? And you "added" 3 cores?

    What are you on buddy ? I hope you are being sarcastic and you know what you are talking about !
  9. Yea he has no clue as to what he is saying.....
  10. I would ask him "how do you add cores?"
    And I disagree that intel P4 celron cpu's beat the phenom x2...
    That's just not true, and the reviews on the intel site are biased...
    They're not gonna let something negative about their product through...
  11. The celeron has the record as far as overclocking goes but that is old news. You do not see anyone now at days braggin about how fast their celeron is.
  12. Whats an intel fanboy doing in an AMD OC forum? :)
  13. I have an ASUS M4A785-M and a PhII 925 C2 with a Corsair H50 on it all in an Antec 300 Illusion and I have managed to get it stable at 3.78GHz (270x14) @ 1.55v.

    My idle temps are ~30C while my load temps are 52C.
  14. Nice you need to bench it with 3DMark06
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