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I need help with picking a hard drive. I’ve read lots of reviews over Seagate and Western Digital and I still can’t decide. I take tons of pictures and have millions of documents on my lab top along with lots of music. Also there are many types of each brand so I still wouldn’t know what to pick if I figured out which brand to choose. I just need more help narrowing it down and it would be awesome if I could get some help from people who actually know what they’re talking about. Thanks!
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  1. I can not quite understand what it is you want, is this for a laptop, desktop or as an external?

    If this is for a desktop Samsung F3 1TB would be a good match.
  2. its for a dell laptop.
  3. How much do you value speed over capacity? Or do you need both? If speed is ultimately what you need then go for an SSD. Expensive, but it will solve the problem with your millions of files and photos. If on the other hand you are after capacity, you should go for a 7200RPM drive with lots of cache. WD or Seagate does not really matter. If you need more specific models let us know, as well as what exactly you are looking for.
  4. Well i'm an impatient person so I like speed but I also need capacity so both. I'm dumb when it comes to computers so I kinda just need someone to tell me what to get. All I know is that Seagate and Western Digital are the best and recommended brands.
  5. What is your budget?
  6. like $100 or $150 at the most
  7. How much capacity do u need? And mainly
    wats the model of your laptop?
  8. I need a SATA and the model is a Dell Insperion 1501. POS I know!
  9. Highly recommended then:



    Seagate Momentus 7200.4
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