hello, my secondary sata drive has all of a sudden started running very slow, after some research i soon found, its because i always in PIO mode, when i restart it goes back to DMA but as soon as i work the drive it falls back to PIO. its driving me nuts.

the drive is a seagate 320GB that is 85% full of all video, i used to send all online downloads to this drive, but i found it difficult to keep fragmentation down, so i created a new drive for downloads. point being, its all video its had SMART placement to keep it linear, and overall should not break a sweat

i have a second identical drive i use for system, it works fine and i would say takes more abuse.

i downloaded HD Tune and ran some tests and my drive transferred at a continuous 1.6MB

it is also showing some DMA CRC errors

any ideas?

XP Home SP3
Asus M4A78-E w/ 2.4G DuCo
2GB Ram
2 Sata 320GB HDD
2 Sata DVD-R
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  1. Replace the SATA cable?
  2. i tried that, while i was switching, turns out the sata cables to my dvd drives are better(26AWG) than the sata cables hoing to HDD's (28AWG) so i swithed them around. but with no success
  3. Show SMART output please, screenshot of HDTune Health tab would do. Make sure the window is big enough to display all information.

    While you're at it, also post a normal HDTune benchmark, letting it finish.
  4. hey, im not at my desktop right now but what is "SMART output" and how do i show it, also how do i take a screenshot, i know my way around computers but i havn't used sceenshot before....

    will post results soon....
  5. SMART is information your HDD gives about its health. You can see that when you open HDTune and click the Health tab. Make a screenshot of that and the main benchmark results. To make the screenshot, press the Print-Screen button on your keyboard. Then launch Paint or some other image processing and make a nice JPEG you can upload.

    Pressing Alt+PrintScreen would only make a copy of the currently opened window, excluding the rest of your desktop.
  6. This is my System Drive Running Normally

    This is My "Video" Drive stuck in PIO Mode

    This is my "Video" Drive Current Health Status

    The Data is all still there i can read it, just very, very slowly

    To whoever runs this site.....

    i find it very inconvenient having to find and use a third party up loader for a lousy 200Kb worth of photos, bandwidth don't cost that much.... luckily i already pay for file-hosting site, but it must be a hassle for those who don't
  7. Whoever runs which site? Rapidshare or tomshardware?

    Anyway, your disk is undamaged, but shows cable errors (UDMA CRC errors) and its temperature is very high as well; and it even got 64 degrees in its lifetime. That's dangerously hot, and might reduce the lifetime of your product. Please think about cooling the drive.

    Also replace the cable; buy a new cable. The cable that is used now produces errors; as can be seen by the last screenshot. Buy a new thick high-quality SATA cable.

    Then, remove the PIO error by going to Device Manager and deleting the SATA controller connected to the PIO'ed drive.
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