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I have two Sata hard disks
On one disk I have win7/winxpPro64
On second I have win2003server/winxpPro32
When I choose disk one from Boot Option menu (when the pc just starts and you press F10 to choose boot sequence)...everything works fine.
When I choose disk two, the system loads but my mouse and keyboard doesnt work as soon as it reaches the login menu ( happens to both the OSes in the second disk )

Please help I really need to work on my ERP softwares installed in second disk as it had costed me good amount of money and time.
My mobo is inteldg45id.
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  1. What about in safe mode, on the 2nd hard drive?

    Can you see your software/files on the 2nd hard drive, when booting off of the 1st hard drive?
  2. Mouse not working after Windows starts points to motherboard/chipset drivers. Has this always happened? What if you just keep disk 2 in the system as the main one and boot off that, does it work then (unplug the first disk that worked)?
  3. Yes I can see files on the second drive/s when I boot from the first.
    Now the windows Xp OS in the second drive is working but
    windows 2003 server still not detecting ny USB ports so i cannot work with mouse and keyboard ( in safe mode also) :(??????
    Any fixes please.Or any usb system files that i could paste from outside into the 2003 server OS...please tell.
    FYI I got softwares / OSes installed on the second drive by some other guy using his PC.
  4. So, if I understand right, Windows 2003 is the only install which has this problem with keyboard and mouse?

    The three others are good?
  5. yes aford10 all are good except windows 2003...should i try to get sp2 for it or get installed by someone else?
    and one more question out of topic..
    If i boot use the second hard disk through my e-sata port will there be any impact on speed or performance? ( if no, I think i will get an e-sata it would be easier for me to root out any problems easily without having to open my cabinet again and again.)
  6. If you have a PS2 mouse/keyboard, try them. See if those work in the server 2003 environment.

    Then you can try running this Fixit scan.

    And no, eSata will not slow down your hard drive's performance.
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