Is the 2253bw a good monitor?

Im trying to find a good gaming monitor and at the moment im leaning towards this one:

Ive heard a lot of problems about blb on this monitor but im not sure if this is true :ouch: . Does anyone know if this is a good monitor? Cheers :wahoo:
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  1. I have a previous 22" Samsung monitor that I use for gaming and I love it.

    I think you'll be well served if you get that one. I've always found Samsung to be high quality when it comes to monitors/TVs.

    Usually those customer choice award winners are good choices.

    Good luck. Enjoy your new monitor.
  2. its good but there are better monitors like SAMSUNG T220
  3. Seconded for the T220, they're ace for the price.
  4. Samsung in general makes a good monitor. I would not have any reservations about buying one of their PC monitors. Just make sure you get the best price possible, at a good resolution.

    That SAMSUNG 2253BW looks like a good gaming monitor with its 2ms response time. And 8000:1 contrast ratio isnt' to bad.

    The T220 suggested above, is pretty sweet looking with its 20,000:1 contrast ratio. That thing should have some stunning black/whites & colors. It also has the same 2ms response time.

    Considering the prices are pretty close on, I'd go for the T220.

    Depending on your budget:
    Samsung T220HD (Has HDMI, 1080p HD Tuner built in).

    Little more expensive, and has a 5ms response time instead of 2ms, and 10,000:1 contrast. But you'd have the HDMI and 1080p option. :)
  5. I got the Samsung T220 instead of the 2253BW. I LOVE IT, best piece of hardware from my gaming rig.
  6. samsung ToC series? bezel looks a bit gay but HOLY **** @ THE CONTRAST!
  7. I love the samsung t220 too, but i got a t220HD instead of the ToC series. Highly recommend samsung, i use two samsung on my gaming rig. A 32" and 22"!
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