a strange problem.

I just bought a point of view 8600gt 512mb ddr2, now the weird thing is that in both vista and xp, gpu-z and the nvidia control panel -> system information report that the card has a 64 bit memory bus, is it true that the 8600 series has a 64 bit bus or was i duped, or is something else wrong.
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  1. The 8600GT has a 128mb BUS. But since the one you have has GDDR2 it really dosent matter since its so slow to begin with.
  2. hi, thanks for the reply, i have an asus m2n-vm dvi board with geforce 7050pv iGPU could that be a problem, does the 8600 gt come with a 64 bit bus whether ddr2 or not please, or could the manufacturer put a 64 bit bus on it.. gpu-z reports a 64 bit bus on this card could this be a software problem.
  3. Make sure you have the onboard/intergrated graphics disabled in the BIOS.
  4. yup did that still no go, tell me 1 thing do 8600`s can be manufactured with a 64 bit bus or is it just a software error.
  5. software error more than likely.
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