Gainward 9800GT 1GB GS or MSI 9800GT 512MB OC

Ok here is the thing. Last year I made a new PC and I currently have a BFG 8800 GT OC.
I know that the difference between the 8800GT and 9800GT is not big but I want to get DVI+Audio in order to get 5.1 in my surround system since I have my PC hooked up to the HDTV through an HDMI cable and a DVI>HDMI adaptor.

The easiest and more clean solution seems to be to do the change from a 8800GT to a 9800GT that supports DVI+Audio. (If somebody has an other idea feel free to mention it)

So to the point, which is the best?

Gainward 9800GT 1GB GS or MSI 9800GT 512MB OC ?

I can get them both for the exact same price since the first is on a -15 offer.

My 22" monitor has a max resolution of 1680x1050 if that matters.
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  1. the difference isnt much actually the extra memory wont help much
  2. Is there something better in the same price range that features "SPDIF audio in"?
  3. you may want to look @ HD 4850
  4. Thanks for the suggestion man the HD4850 looks sweet indeed. I am thinking of the HD4850 seriously now.
  5. yeah it performs very well for its money i choose it over 9800 :)
  6. its faster and it does the hdmi audio that your looking for
  7. Thanks for the help, I ordered the Powercolor HD4850 last night.
  8. Enjoy it :)
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