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Hi All - I'm looking for a guide that walks me through how to set up access over the internet of my home PC. I would like to access files on my hard drive occasionally when I am on trips or at work, and of course I would like to so securely.

There have to be some guides posted out there that explain what I need to do to set this up with Windows XP, and hopefully it includes all the appropriate security measures, and how to deal with software/hardware firewalls, opening ports, etc.


Eric Marlow
aka "Snacko"
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  1. Ok, I site up an FTP site when I needed to transfer files from college to my home computer and vice versa. Firstly, it helps if you have a static IP address (this is the address of your computer) a static IP address will never change which means you can always find your home computer. It is possible to set up a server with a dynamic IP address but this is a little more complicated.

    First of all you will need FTP server software, if you have windowsXP Professional you can use IIS which is included with windows. If not you can download the apache FTP server at <A HREF="http://www.apache.org" target="_new">http://www.apache.org</A>.

    If you use a router to connect to the internet you will prob have to use port forwarding of port 21(FTP) or put your computer on a DMZ.

    I suggest you install a firewall such as zone alarm from zone labs, for extra security.

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