Build based on Q6600, please suggest.

It's been quite a long time since I've built a new system, so recently I've been doing some research and looking up some parts and have came to narrowing it down to a few choices.

CPU - The Q6600

Case - antec nine hundred

MB - Gigabyte p35

PSU - Rosewill 550w

RAM - mushkin 240 pin 4gig

Also i've been looking at a cooler for it, how about the arctic cooling freezing - ?

and probably going to go with a WD 640g HD -

For the video card i'm probably going to go with a 9800GTX - Since I have one in a box just laying around, but if theres something better for around the price, i can just return it...

So, please give me some feed back, i'm looking to overclock it and go with probably around 3ghz or higher the computer itself will be mostly for work (rendering/Large PS/flash files) and a lot (Really, A LOT) of gaming.

So again, please give me some insight or tell me what's better then what i've picked, I want to keep the price around what it is, $600ish but if it's a little more, not a problem.
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  1. First of all get yourself a better power supply, a brand like Corsair, pc power&cooling, antec etc...., as for the 550w ... its more than enough for your system.

    For the graphics card...since u said you will do lot of gaming, maybe return it and get an ati 4850 for about the same price, if you better like nvidia go with an 9800gtx+, since it can be found for around the same price and perform like the ati4850 with the current driver.

    As for the case...look at the sonata 3 it come with a 500w power supply of decent quality... and will end up cheaper than buying a power supply and a case separately. Look for the room inside of it....maybe you want a bigger case than the sonata 3, mainly for graphics card size reason.

    For the cooler look at the ocz vanquisher for around the same price, if my memory is good a recent review said it was a little bit better...not sure, so you may want to take a look.

    For the cpu the q6600 quad is a good choice... the 8400 - 8500 duo is also a good choice for around the same price... some will say get the duo other the quad... in the upcoming game i think the quad will be better....but it's only my opinion.
  2. Alright, I took your advice, and looked at some other coolers, and cases.

    For the case, how does stand up? I like it a little more then the sonata 3, and looks like it might fit a little more also.

    I found the cooler you mentioned I believe -

    Is the one you were talking about.

    I'm going to have to ahead and return the 9800gtx and order the 4850 I found the asus one for around the same price here - seems like a decent card for decent price.

    Ok, so other then what i've changed around, anyone else have some pointers to help out a returning noob?

    Also, i'm going to be running vista 64 with 4 gigs of ram, does anyone see any problems with this?

    Oh and one last thing, other then keyboard/mouse/monitor/grease did I leave anything else out?

    Thanks in advance~
  3. Quote:

    For the case, how does [...] 6814121253 stand up? I like it a little more then the sonata 3, and looks like it might fit a little more also.

    You link the asus video card not the case i can't see the case you speak about.

    As for the cooler, yes it's the one i speaked about, i will look for the review about it give you the link later today.

    For the video card, good choice, but one thing, the 4850 card original design run hot, you may have to speed up the fan speed on it if you want to cool it down a little. I think asus include a software to do that with their card, if not, you will need to do a search on google, their is a way to do it. (need to enter new value in a file), should not be to hard to do.

    4gb is fine, no problem here.

    your may want to add a sata dvd burner to your build.

    hope that help :)
  4. I found the review about the vanquisher...but it's in french.... anyway here it is you can still look at the graph.

    And here is the graph of the freezer 7

    Finally they are about the same with slightly less noise for the vanquisher but slightly higher they are about the same. You may also look at other fan in this test.
  5. Sorry about the bad link the case is right here

    yeah, and i'm going to throw in a dvd drive, just didn't mention or link one.

    One last thing, is the Motherboard fine? for what i'm wanting to OC to (3ghz or a little higher) do you see any problems with it? Or any of the choices? thanks again.
  6. About your case and power supply.... id say don't get that one, go with a better brand, not for the case but for the power supply. Do not go cheap on this part....that what give ''juice'' to all part of your computer.

    For the motherboard you can go for a P45 like Fwerz suggested but i do not think it's much better than the p35. Other than having pci-e 2.0 and using slighly less power. but it do not cost lot why not.

    Also look for the combo deal on Newegg's you can get good deal.
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