Help Needed for Dell PSU upgrade

Hi Everyone,

I have a dell dimension E520 which came with a NVid 7300 LE, i recently got an 8600GTS as an upgrade which fits fine but when restarted it says not enough power is getting to it (my power is 305w but the box says it needs 400w) can anyone please tell me if the below PSU will fit into my case and if so which one would be best

below are some links to do with my current system

many thanks

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  1. Almost any standard ATX psu can be used as an upgrade, but if you have a free molex connector the power adapter that is supplied with the card can be connected and your card will work.
  2. This is the ONLY connector free from the PSU, im not sure if this is what you mean so i have taken a photo.

    Just to clarify i have 305w and the 8600gts box says i need at least 400w

    Look forward to hearing from
  3. well that particular connector is only good for powering a floppy disk drive, sooo no use im afraid.
  4. really thats the only one free? yeah my little card said 400 but it runs on the 305 from dell mine u the processor is a 65w etc etc ...pc power and cooling check them out at newegg or there website..
  5. I dont have any 4 pin molex connectors on my dell psu (model no l305-p-01) so am now just thinking of replacing my psu. Can anyone please recommended one please
  6. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply top this thread.

    As stated above, my dell power supply unit did not come with any molex connector (if that's how you spell it) and as im planning on getting a few more things for it i decided to get a 500w power supply which came with the 6pin connector for the 8600gts card. It worked fine after installing and you can fit any standard psu in the dell dimension e520 with the psu model i had (see above) everything now working great and vista score jumped from 3 to 5 and games such as age of empires 3 and command and conquer play at full graphics setting which im really happy with.

    Hope this thread helps other dell users who feel a bit stuck with the factory spec and layout inside :)

    Merry crimbo everyone
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