Moving Raid 1 to a new machine

I've a question regarding Raid 1. I have a computer with 3 drives .. a boot drive and two data drives configured in a Raid 1 array.

The motherboard on the computer recently self-destructed. I'm going to take the opportunity to upgrade my system and get a new mobo, cpu, etc. My question about the Raid 1 drives are these:

- Can I move them to a new system without any problem?
- Can I just use one of the data drives by plugging it in or is it not a 'normal' drive (i.e., can't be read normally because the raid controller might have done some screwy things to the way data is store one the drive)?

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  1. Yes, configure it in the bios without erasing existing data and install the drivers for the new motherboard.
    You can use just one of the RAID1 drives by itself, if you choose to.
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