is 8400gs REALLY performs over 7800gt?

i have 2 systems for me,

in my home: 7800gt(700/2100)+2GDDR2+Pentium D 805@2.7G;
in my office: 8400gs(450/400)+2GDDR2+C2D E4500@2.2G.

once i found that almost in every games, in many situations, the stongest and weakest performs nearly equal.

Moreover, in some games like Counter-Strike:Source, 7800gt with 9bots is even 3 times lower than 8400gs with 18bots, when i play CS:S on 7800gt, it is so lag that I become a dead aim of others :cry:

here i did some tests,
7800gt 8400gs
3dmark05 6550+ 3874
3dmark03 25200+ 6970

in actural games,(all in 10x7@HQ)
1.Half-life2 timedemos:
7800gt 8400gs
d1_canals_01 67.0 114.3
d3_c17_02 57.01 92.11
d3_c17_12 48.11 77.25

2.battlefield2(64 bot players):
15~30 35~90.......

3.Farcry 1.4(used FRAPS):
7800gt 8400gs
Pier 100+ 21~27
Volcano 180~200 105~110

4.Call of Duty 4:
7800gt 8400gs
The Bog: 12~15 25~40

At last, for my favourite:
Counter=Strike Source:
Stress test: 135.5 97.6

in actural play(13 bots):
situation of 7800gt: always15~25, in a battle over 5 person, it legs so that i can't aim enemies
situation of 8400gs: mostly60+~130, no obivous leg in very large battle(9~12 involved).......i get 6 kills max per round

I hope if there is someone really lucky like me:(,,,,,
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  1. The 7800GT has the Pentium D @2.8Ghz.

    A Core2Duo @ 2Ghz is faster than a Pentium 4 @ 3.0Ghz.
  2. I agree with Strider. You have your fastest GPU paired with your slowest processor. Put the 7800gt with the E4500 for the best performance.
  3. stridervm said:
    The 7800GT has the Pentium D @2.8Ghz.

    A Core2Duo @ 2Ghz is faster than a Pentium 4 @ 3.0Ghz.

    If you play at low resolutions then he has got a valid point.
  4. why would you play games at work anyway...

    if you want to get a promotion and get more money don't play games at work...
  5. The 8500GT is equal to a 7600GS, i think this is more a CPU issue. C2D completely destroys a PentiumD
  6. The core 2 processor is over 50% faster than the P-D. Not much of a video card comparison can be taken unless you swap the cards in the 2 machines and test again.
  7. Quote:
    why would you play games at work anyway...

    if you want to get a promotion and get more money don't play games at work...

    haha :lol: our firm provides a rigs' place for rest, whenever you're tired........or HAPPY(Ofcource it has solid limits)!!!! Boss only wants enough sales figures and bills...... :pt1cable:

    Anyway..... i haven't witness such low performce of high-end 7800gt, with a PD,even i'm a proud clerk of gaming pc promoter(but 3dmark score is noticibly high, although it has no meaning in real usage)???

    Does CPU plays a great part? For me, i always think that in 3d game VGA rules the world

    Moreover, I notice that in a game with so mach large battles invovled my home 7800gt+PD805 is several times worse than E4500+84gs
  8. yeah processor makes a HUGE difference at lower resolution (1280 by 1024) and even lower

    thats why your performance sucks... more with the 8400 switch the cards and you'll see a huge increase in performance
  9. If you look at the CPU charts, for example the charts for 2006, you will see CPU scaling in action. All machines have the same video adapter but different CPUs ranging from Pentium D to Core2s.
    If you were to put that 7800 GT in both systems and run a benchmark like this one,346.html you will see the how important CPUs are for gaming systems.

    Thanks everyone,
    Now i begin to engage in business of Core 2 Duo.
    for the reason that lowest E4300 can easily kill a Earth's TOP Ace Pentium, Pentium XE 965...
  11. A 8400gs cant even outperform a 7300gt ddr3 version let alone a 7800gt. Even the slowest core2duo the E2140 at stock beats the pentium D's at almost double its speed you are clearly cpu bound. Up the resolution and lets see whos the boss btw get the latest drivers for your card change the pre rendered frames from default 3 to 5 or 6.
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