4870 vs 4850 Vs 260


I have been hearing to much Stuff (to cover up a naughty word) about the 260, 4850 and 4870.
I have made this form to pritty much compare them.
ok, if you have a 260, 4870, 4850 welcome if you dont F off na jjs just dont post Bull SX1T.
if you are going to upgrade Welcome to the club their are 1,000,000,000 of us.

Q1. do u have a 260 GTX, 4850, 4870 1GB or 4870 512MB?

Q2. if you have crysis what avarage FPS do u get?

Q3. do you play in DX 10 or DX 9?

Q4. What graphs card detail do u play at?

A) Low
B) Medium
C) High
D) Very High

Q5. What AA do u play at?

Q6. Do you OC?

Q7. Do u experence any glitches when running the game?

ok, for those ppl who dont have crysis, i would like u to give me/us/the club
your info on any game more recent than TF2.

To those ppl who pertisapated in this, lets call it an argument, thank you for all the readers plz comment if this helped you or not to the rest Call me *wink* lol JKS but if you want you can just post what you get on your random Graphs cards

Regards Imgonnalolu

PS sorry for the spelling my excuse is im not the best speller, and it's l8.

ty again XD
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  1. Very few people own all three, and people tend to exaggerate the performance of whatever they own. "My toy is better than your toy." :D

    Look at benchmarks instead:
    Basically, 4870>gtx260>4850.

    I still use a very old 8800gts. Considered a 9800gx2, which, at $280, is very cheap right now. But decided against it and wait for 4870x2 price to drop instead. :p

    With a bit of overclocking, it still holds at a barely acceptable level of performance. Really need that upgrade... :sweat:

  2. Toms has a lot of benchmarks for those cards.
    If i'm going to buy one of those cards, i'd like the 4870 because it is a dual slot heatsink design over the 4850.
    though i really like the 4850 weren't for its heatsink that will add more heat in a system case.
  3. 4870, plays Ultra High settings in Crysis at 30- 50 fps. No AA. Never skips or lags at 1280 x 1024 dx9.
    the 4870 doesn't overclock for crap though. The 260 is an overclock beast and is slightly faster then the 4870 when overclocked. Although this is great, its a much larger card and almost guarenteed to cover up any sata ports you have behind the pcie slot. The 4870 is a bit shorter and also has modified versions that are short and more accomodating to smaller cases. An example is the visiontek and palit dual sonic edition.
  4. Thanks to all but a spcial thanks to dagger XD :bounce:

    well ok, because i want to now put a 4870 into my new comp,
    i would like some advice on witch brand i should pick, are some brands better then others?

    i am buying from this store http://www.gamedude.com.au/ im leaning towards a 1GB version

    once at website.

    go down the colom at the side and scroll down to the bottem, it's the last 1 called "Video Cards"

    PS NOT a 4870X2. :kaola:
  5. Well I have a 4870 1GB from Diamond. The card works fine but let me tell you their drivers that come with their CD sucks. It doesn't even have drivers for my 4870. They threw in a driver for 3870 and below and 4870X2 only drivers. What happened to my 4870 1GB drivers?!!

    I had issues when I got it (kept going BSOD on XP!!) and I had to figure out how to fix it (which took 3-4 hours).

    anyways.. not going to rant on but you get the point. Don't get diamond 4870. go for HIS, sapphire or power color.

    It really depends on what res you're playing on btw. The 1 GB card is wonderful. I'm playing Far Cry 2 on Ultra high mode with 2x AA and here are personal experiences: 27.9 fps (min), 35 fps (avg), 45 fps (high). I've never experienced in game stuttering or lag despite these numbers. In crysis after using the mods I get around 30 fps (min), 40-45 fps (avg) and 50 fps (max). Very respectable again settings are V.high with 2x AA enabled.

    All of this was played on 1680 x 1050 res monitor in Windows XP SP3 (DX9) using Cataylst 8.10 (Far Cry 2 Hot fix patch)

    The 4870 fits ok on my case but I could barely get the wires to bend far enough to fit it into the 6-pin connectors :S I think the GTX 260 wouldn't have fit properly in my case. I think they need to somehow make the boards shorter... it's getting way too long!
  6. that store, must be the worst website i have ever visited i would stick with new egg or frys.

    and customisbetter would you stop giving the impression that the 4870 does not overclock, some have got it to 900 with modded bios and some have got 960 with a v-mod, and dont say most people would not do that, where in-fact most ppl on toms would
  7. rangers said:
    that store, must be the worst website i have ever visited i would stick with new egg or frys.

    He's from Australia, NewEgg and Fry's don't ship to OZ.
  8. yer i'm auzzi (OZ)

    dose any 1 know of a website that will post to OZ?

    :bounce: :non: :hello: :sol: :kaola: :pt1cable: :fou: :sleep:
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