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I am new to these forums ( dont know why i have been reading tom's hardware for over a year ) and have notice i dont find much on this Zalman cooler. I am curious is it because the zalman is not good or is it because they just recently came out with the 1366 mounting bracket for it?

I recently purchased it because i have read so many good things about it elsewhere (or its previous version).

I put my computer together today and its super quiet, granted i haven't done any testing and i am at work right now. Any info on this cooler would be nice to have. I don't plan to RMA it regardless but it would be good to know what you all think so i know whether to keep a closer than normal look at cpu temps.
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  1. the zalman 9 series was ok a while ago but with demands on cpu coolers going up with the release of the i7 their designs are lagging behind tower style coolers their 10 series is a tower style
  2. This is just as good or better and it's half the cost:
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus
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