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Last night I tried installing a second Asus Raedon 4850 (so that I can crossfire). I went to ATI's website and followed the directions to which it said that the CPU should "read" /"pickup" crossfire. Well it didn't so my first thought was that the new video card was bad.

So I swapped the video cards around and both of them worked after a few resets I was able to see the start up process on my monitor..ok great.

Now i am thinking it's a bad PCI-E slot. After I tried changing them out (making sure I always ground myself) I tried to turn on my computer and all I got was a flashing green light...nothing else would turn on. I can't even get the power light on my CPU.

I took the battery out to "reset" the CPU and nothing happened.

I would greatly appreciate your help.
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  1. Did you either disconnect or power off the PSU before installing/removing the video cards?

    If you don't get the standby power light, disconnect the PSU for a few seconds and then try it again after making sure the PSU is powered on. If it doesn't work, then try with a different PSU.
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