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I have a Windows 7 64-bit machine with a wireless Epson NX510 printer. After restarting the PC, the printer will not come back online. I have to remove the printer, delete the printer port, and then add the printer back (printer is installed as a local printer using the EpsonNet Printer Port). Printer then works fine until the next time I restart the PC. Any ideas?
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  1. never used the epsonnet software--but usually in windows 7 i just turn on file and printer sharing in network and sharing center--password it to prevent unauthorised access to the printer--and go start--devices and printers--add a printer--add a network printer

    the printer is connected by usb to the main pc and i do the above on all the laptops and the other desktop and can print from them all
  2. Thanks for the reply, but my printer is connected wireless to the LAN, i.e. not directly to the PC, so this won't help.
  3. does your router assign the printer the same ip address when you restart the pc?
  4. Yes, the IP addresses still match after the restart.
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