Asus M3A-H/HDMI no standby/hibernate

HI all,

i've a problem with the asus m3a-h/hdmi mobo.
I can not send the system (win xp sp2/sp3) in standby or hibernate.

I've updated from an m2a mobo. When i send the system in standby i doesnt boot afterwards. From Hibernate it boots, but does not reach zhe welcome screen (it freezes).

I did a clean win xp installation a didn't have the "standby" button. In the "energy" there is no tab to configure hibernate.

Bios is set to "auto", but "s1" or "s3" behave the same.

Anyone an idea or had the same problem?
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  1. Lotti,

    Any luck with the loss of standby with your Asus mobo? I'm experiencing the same problem w my Extreme Striker and switching to Vista from XP didn't help as Sleep mode then disappears from Vista, even after clean installations of first XP and then Vista.

    Any answers or fixes from anyone before I replace the mobo?
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