My First build ..watercooled! looking for Feedback

Hey guys this is my first built system ever with some watercooling and overclocking(many long days)...looking for feedback and suggestions .Click the below link to download pdf to view stats and pictures...

Thanks everybody..
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  1. i downloaded it , wow this is something Wow very nice i like it, how much did cost this for u ? do u wana sell it ? some benchmarks would be great during playing crysis and stuff like that ! where did u buy the parts ? have got some good place to order them ?
    respcet !
  2. Looks good, but imo, that all in one water cooling kit is a bit on the low side. I personally recommend SwiftTech. lol, should have gotten a C2D too and OC to hell on that rig.
  3. I def noobed it up with the bigwater and now im alot more knowledgable about whats out there and watercooling.. i agree i would def go with swiftech watercooling im getting pretty good temps with my bigwater... the temps dropped since i added that feser X-changer with the shroud.. thing is a champ.Im already itchin to start my secound build and ill def take your advice and go with a swiftech setup.But it was nice that i fit that bigwater so neatly in there thanks to my huge antec case lol.

    thanks for the feedback guys
  4. Nice build, video card temps are a little high for watercooling. My 4870's run at 32c during normal use. After a couple hours of Crysis they reach 41c but never go above that. You definetly have better dextarity then I do getting all that in the small case.
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