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I just bought my new SFF system with Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 1.1 and a HD3450. Something very similar to that:
I want to use Hybrid CF and use my TV Out connection at the same time.

At the bios, if I configure "Init Display First" to "PEG", and even after I install the latest drivers, Windows Vista only recognize the HD3450 (ignoring my onbaord HD3200) and I can't obviously use CF.

If I change the bios setting to "onbaord" it does work and recognize both 3450 and onboard 3200 allowing me to use CF but then I have another problem.

If I use CF, the catalyst only shows the HD3200 allowing me to connect my screen only to the onboard connection ignoring the 3450.
If I cancel CF, catalyst shows both 3450 and 3200, but even then there is a signal only if I connect my only screen to the onboard connection.

1. There is no option to use up to 4 displays while having CF?

2. If I use CF, is there an option that the active connection will be on the 3450 instead in the onboard? It's important because I need to use the TV Out RCA connection on my 3450 card and I don't have this kind of connection on my board.

3. If I don't use CF, why I can only connect my screen to the onboard connection? If I try to connect it to the 3450 (although I can it's active in catalyst) there's no signal.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

In catalyst, in my hardware information it says that the Primary Adapter is the 3200 and the "Disabled Adapter" is the 3450. does it have to do with anything?
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  1. Another question, is there an option to use CF while my primary card is the HD3450 and not the onboard one? how?
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