IRQL error no less or equal and corrupted! Help? Rare?

Just want to know what happened.. here it is... I bought a new motherboard XFX XG31i and replaced my ASUS P5vd2-vm se with it... then I tried to install Windows XP PRO sp2 during the registry components section I got this blue screen saying "IRQL error no less or equal" and so I tried reinstalling it but this time Im using my integrated vga on my board the installation went through just fine... so I tried putting back my VGA Card to install the driver... but POP UP ERRORS saying that my media player files were corrupted etc! and suddenly it restarted like crushing and looping reboots! it can't enter the windows anymore...

is there something wrong with my hardwares? the last specs I had were sweet, got no problems with them even with the same windows installer until I replaced my Mobo! (only the motherboard is replaced) anyway here is my spec
mainboard: XFX XG31i
cpu: Intel Dual Core E2180 @2.0ghz stock
Memory: 1gb of Geil and 1gb Team Elite both 800mhz single channel
VGA : Palit Radeon HD4650 Sonic DDR3 512 128bit
WD : 80gb SATA

Please I really need your help guys. Need this rig badly ASAP!
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  1. Dumb question here??,, did you turn off the integrated video??
    If you did then,you have a hardware conflict !!,what you need to do is to bench the mobo on a clean non conductive surface,are the voltage requirements of your ram sticks the same,try each of them singly,IRQ,is an interrupt request layer error,both ram and video use an irq which should give you an idea as to where to look,can you borrow/loan another video card or test your card in another setup..:)
  2. "IRQL not less than or equal" normally indicates a memory error. You can try making your memory more stable by increasing the memory voltage slightly, and use Memtest86 (bootable CD or floppy) to test it.

    Let the test run all night. One error is enough to corrupt a file.
  3. IRQL lass than or equal is a driver error, as it is coming up with your installation of the video card that would be your problem.
    If your system is up and running with the on board video you should be ok.

    Install the palit card and boot into safe mode after you insure that the onboard video is turned off. Uninstall the onboard video driver. Reboot and you system should detect the new video card. Install the video cards driver.
  4. Reseat your memory (you might have a bad connect somewhere).

    Worked for me in the past.
  5. yes both of them are at the same voltage... when I was still using my asus board everything works fine! no errors... the only hardware replaced was the mobo... waht do you mean by reseat? Repositioning? Thanks guys
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