\\i have tried everything and I still cannot open Internet Explorer fr

I have Internet Explorer icon on my desktop, when I click it it just flickers, i have tried reinstalling Internet Explorer 8, nothing,Internet Explorer is not listed in " all programs", I have tried everything I know (not much as I am a 81 year old learner !! can anyone help ?

Thank you Robert
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  1. Assuming that C is your operating system partition (the one with the Windows folder in it), look in My Computer in C > Program Files > Internet Explorer > iexplore.exe
    Click the icon and see if it works. If it does, delete the non working icon on your screen and right click on the working one > send to desktop (create shortcut).

    Also try this
    Control Panel > Taskbar and Start Menu > Start Menu tab > Start Menu -
    Customize button > General tab > Show on Start menu > check mark in
    Internet > select Internet Explorer

    Also try some other browser and see if it works. Mozilla Firefox is good.

    Then when you click start you should have an icon in there.
  2. Hi Mosox,
    Thank you for your help............. in your first suggestion clicking the icon did not work, I therefore tried your second suggestion, I followed your instructions...still no joy, but I did notice that the e/ icon on the desktop does not have thelittle white square with a tick in it, if this means that IE is not installed in my pc , why when I try to reinstall I am being told I already have it ?
    My Thanks for your help Robert
  3. Mozilla Firefox is working?
    Run this

    Also try disabling your antivirus, check again and then enable the AV again.
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