Old Touchscreen Point Of Sale machines, worth anything?

We'll this is not really homebuilt, but I'm guessing this is the best thread to ask this question.

At work they upgraded their POS machines and we got 4 of these old clunkers left on our hands, they work fine, and their touchscreens so I feel like there should be some place that will buy them for say 100~350 each?

I need some input and direction. Here are the rough machine specs/info:

AMD K6 (so 200~300mhz, prolly closer to 300), FSB 66mhz
256MB RAM (prolly SDRAM 66mhz)
Windows 2000 Server (SP4) OEM (has CDkey sticker on side of machine)
10/100 NIC, VGA port, serial, 2xUSB and some other ports prolly for receipt printers that came with them.
12.25" touchscreen, works well, gotta push a little harder than the new touchscreens we got but i feel these are more accurate, Decent backlight, monitor can rotate pretty far--from vertical all the way to horizontal (flat)
CC card swiper built right into the side of the touchscreen.

thats about it, tiny bit noisy, runs relatively fast, its 2000, with hardly anything installed on it cept our old POS software (Retail Pro 8)

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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  1. POS machines don't seem to be selling very well on Ebay. Maybe a used office supply store in your area would be interested? Wouldn't expect $100 each though.
  2. hmm, i feel like they are worth more than that, i looked on ebay, seems like there are some of these machines on there, heres a link to one i saw. if it helps.


    note the one i linked only has 32mb of ram lol.
  3. Notice there are 10 of them available and you can make an offer. You can believe they are worth anything you want, but you will find out what they are really worth when you sell them. The longer you can leave them listed the more likely you are to get a better price.
  4. ^ +1
  5. Hi,

    Maybe I can take one off of your hands. I am in the process of looking for a POS machine for my business.

    I contacted the service provider that my bank uses. Apparently, if I buy from a 3rd party I need to get that 3rd party to help me setup the merchant numbers on the machine. I have never used a POS machine before, so I would need to figure that out before I could go forward.

  6. We'll im open to offers. I'm sure my boss would be happy if i turned a profit on these things.

    They are basically regular old computers, the only thing that makes them POS machines is the software installed on them. Were a retail store so we used a POS software called retail pro. which utilizes the touch screen (aka has big buttons in the software that you can easily hit with your finger instead of a mouse click.

    If you were to take one off my hands id have to spend a little time erasing any company data left on the drive/possibly reformatting if I have trouble getting it all off.

    Send me a private message if your interested still.
  7. The main problem with used pos computers is reliability. A retail or restaurant owner isn't going to want to invest the time and money into a computer that will be unreliable. When you are dealing with a computer at home, it's okay if it crashes or freezes. If your cashier has a frozen computer you are out money.
  8. i think:

    your daughter's 3-year-old pc + ChikPOS Checkout software by Jeremy Shum Invent = lot more than the pos machine you're talking about :P :lol: hehe

    they're outdated, but some shops may want it ~ $100 as the other person said.

    But with ChikPOS Checkout System now popularizing, it will phase out old machines.
  9. List them on used pos . I m pretty sure someone can make a use of it.
  10. I agree with usedpos...it would be better to sell them and use the money towards a new point of sale system.
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