help please

hey guys im new here

my pc specs
foxconn 945
intel pentium d 3.0ghz
4 gig ddr2 667mhz
600w psu
xpertvision 8800gt 512mb ddr3
3 sataII drive s
xfi extreme gamer
thermaltake soprano

i bought this pc at the begining of this year and have been able to play all the latest games on high and some
on max settings and bout a week ago i bought a 9800gtx+ and a 750w psu, put them in the pc and was playing BIA HH on max settings, then decided to play race driver grid which always ran on maximum settings with previous card and found out it wouldnt play properly, i have just bought farcry 2 and that wont even play on maximum settings.
my dad has the same mobo,cpu,ram,gpu and he can play farcry 2 on max settings so i put my 8800gt back in and it still wont play properly!!!!!

i have now ordered a msi p7n sli platinum, intel core 2 duo E8400, 4gig ddr2 800mhz geil black dragon, zalman 9700nt,
evga 260 and putting that in my thermaltake soprano with my hdds and xfi and 750psu.

have sent 9800gtx+ back for refund as i think it was faulty and has now obiously damaged my mobo and thats why
my 8800gt which worked perfectly now wont play the games either.

any comments welcome.
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  1. Did you completely uninstall the all the old drivers before you put the new card in?
    Did you download and install the newest drivers for you new card from the Nvidia website?
  2. Holy crap man! it was just a driver issue. I hope this was a plot to get more expensive hardware.
  3. yes uninstalled all drivers before new card was put in.
  4. Sounds like a noob driver issue to me as well.
  5. i really think this was a plot for better hardware. Thats quite devious and i probably have thought about doing the same thing.
  6. it wasnt a plot for new components and its not a driver issue im being serious

    hey guys another thing what are the chances of my 8800gt being faulty are or do u think it could be the board or cpu?
    as if its not the 8800gt wat do u think of me puttin the 8800gt in my new pc and usin it as a physx card?
    anyone done that before and how do you do it?
  7. GPUs don't just "get faulty". You have to brick it with a bad bios flash or overvolt it. I have also never heard of a motherboard frying a graphics card.
    maybe your power supply is failing... or you are failing.
  8. Yup, times like these make me wish I had a big "Epic Fail" pic to post.... I wish he used commas, too.

    Honestly, it sounds like a driver issue. Bad hardware doesn't play any game, or artifacts, or something. And a bad graphics card won't break a motherboard unless it overheated and burned. Definitely a driver issue.
  9. ok every1 seems to think its a bad driver, if i do a clean install of xp, mobo drivers,sound & graphics "178.24".
    ive even used "178.13" and "180.43 beta"
    then i install far cry 2 it still will not play properly, so how do u explain that!!!!

    ive done this 3 times already & im not having any luck with it!!

    another thing, 2 weeks ago before i bought the 9800gtx+ my pc was working perfectly, could play BIA HH on max settings, crysis warhead on high settings, race driver grid on max settings and even stalker clear sky on max settings!!
    then i got the 9800gtx+, put it in and was playin the games fine, then i had received my new mobo, cpu, ram, cpu cooler and psu so i stripped my old pc to put the new 1 together, turned it on & it freezes, so i sent the mobo, cpu & ram back for testin, only to find out its the bios & needs flashin in order for it to recognise my e8400!
    so i put my old pc back together keeping the 9800gtx+ on da board with my new 750w psu, reinstalled xp and since then have not been able to play da games like i used to!!
    btw if i dont play games da pc works perfectly, no errors or anything!!!!


    1: i could have damaged the mobo when puttin it all back together
    2: the 9800gtx+ could have been faulty and damaged my mobo
    as my dad has had that problem before, & he had to buy a whole new pc
    3: my cpu fan wasnt plugged in properly and coud have caused damage
  10. hey guys did a bit of testing today as i have a 2gig ddr2 667mhz chip and 2 x 1gig ddr2 667mhz chips in my old pc which im still using until i get my new pc tomorrow and ive taken the 2gig out and pc plays the games perfect now.
    im such a noob it was a faulty ram chip!!!
  11. *slap*
  12. I explain it with it was a bad stick of ram.
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