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I just down loaded CPU-Z to use as a system info monitor . I have not validated the software yet because I'm still looking at the privacy policy. The info CPU-Z displays is in conflict with my hardware. First, it shows that I have a Nforce 720a gpu when and I have a GEforce 8300 gpu . Second , my Kingston Hyper-x 1066 DDR2 shows as being Kingston but the part number it gives doesn't exsist in kingston's data base and shows a value of 400mhz . Third it shows my video card as having a core and shader clock far above reported specs on the cards data sheet. The only correct info was the CPU specs. Does the user have to validate the program before it gives The correct information?
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    It reports the info that it recieves from the sensors on the MOBO and it's database of various products - what version is it - if not the most current version go to CPUID and download the newest version as it will have a more up to date database of products (it could be you have an older version that does not recognize your parts so is just reporting the closest it can find.
  2. Thanks JDFan

    I have the latest version ,1.53 setup version downloaded from cupids site ? It says on the website that memory info
    may vary and explains why . The chipset was varified by Nvidia when I used auto update and it says GEforce 8300
    on my Asus mobo box . It would be great if the video card data were true because great value.
  3. Solved mysteries, Memory: NB Frequency 2000.+ Dram Frequency 400 . video card : The Nvidia build has differnet clock speeds than PNY and the Galaxy version I use . I was looking at the Nvidia data sheet.
    Unsolved mysteries, mGPU identification and the Kingston part number for the memory displayed on CPU-Z
  4. Thanks for input JDFan,

    I found a very detailed program that correctly displays my system information from RH Software (SIV v4.40)
    " System Information Viewer " SOLVED !!
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