Decent gaming system from ebay?

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  1. Why would you buy a PC from E-Bay that the poster admits contains stolen items?

    Does not really sound like a very safe bet to me..................
  2. I think Zen means the software. If you swap parts out, you will need to re-activate Vista with a legit key. It ain't included. Speaking of which, the Vista may not be activated. That means 30 days of use.

    Other than the software, the hardware is worth the price tag. Especially if it's assembled. On top of that, the seller is trustworthy since they sold a few pcs with positive feedback.
  3. So, what if format and reinstall a new vista?
  4. That'd be the best. A full format & perhaps a wipe then a full diagnostic on the hdd, plus memtest & prime 8 hours each.
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