DVD RAM drive show as CD when DVD-R blank is inserted

If anyone can please help me. I have a NU external Supermulti DVD Burner that was working fine in my desktops and I have burned my home video DVDs using this DVD burner last year without any problems. I used DVD-R. My desktops were runninig Windows XP SP2. But today, when I tried to burn a DVD-R, I found that the DVD RAM changed to CD mode and it was not recognising the blank DVD-R. But when I removed the blank DVD, the drive changed back from CD to DVD RAM? I dont remember encountering this problem before the last time I successfully burned DVDs.

I tried the same and hooked my external DVD RAM on another desktop and it was occuring the same problems.

I ran a check on the forum board and I have noted that there are people out there who have reported thse same kind of problems and I have tried several steps as recommended, including upgrading/installing the Microsoft XP SP3. I have also removed their recommendations of the del the upper limit and lower limit registers, but, the problem is still there.

Can anyone out there please help me out and tell me clearly what I should be doing. I need to fix this problem fast.

Thanks - KS
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  1. left click start in the lower left hand of the screen
    left click run
    type regedit
    left click OK
    Now the registry editor will come up
    double left click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    double left click on SYSTEM
    double left click on CurrentControlSet
    double left click on Control
    double left click on Class
    double left click on {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    look on the right side of the window for upper filters
    right click on upper filters
    left click delete
    windows will then ask you to confirm deletion
    click yes
    look on the right side of the window for lower filters
    if you do not see lower filters, you may be out of luck on this one.
    right click on lower filters
    left click on delete
    windows will then ask to confirm deletion
    click yes
    Close all the windows that are open
    restart the computer
    some people have used "cd gone zip" but I have not tried that. if you download it, scan it with your security before you run it. Many said it solved the problem, but I can not personally verify that.
    http://forums.techguy.org /hardware/539094-solved-cd-drive-stopped-working.html
    remove the spaces from the above link before copy paste to browser
    I personally avoid downloaded fix it programs.
    I personally, based on my own belief systems, would rather do repair install of the operating system, which does not erase the personal files. You will need an XP install disk, preferably SP3. The directions for the repair are posted in this forum, sixth post from the top.
    you may ask yourself how you can run a repair if the CD drive does not work? Windows loads a temporary driver that makes it work while repairing your operating system. It sets it all back to default, including recognizing the CD drive. Windows will not erase your stuff while doing this repair, but you may want to make a backup of all your files to a thumb drive or maybe an online backup such as MOZY, if you cannot get your USB to work.
    Based on my own personal belief system, after I repair install, (which erases the microsoft updates) I shut off the automatic updates forever, and the notifications (balloons) that pop up telling me that my security updates are turned off (so what?)
    I use a professional antivirus, all in one security system, instead of relying on microsoft to protect my computer. What you do is entirely up to you.

    you must shut off the updates before registration, following a repair install. if you register, and the updates are not shut off first, microsoft will automatically start downloading the updates into your computer. As I said, I personally would rather not install these updates from the website.

    I would rather use SP3 from the CD, and forget about downloaded automatic updates.
    you may find (as I did) that shutting off the updates prevents problems (such as the CD drive disappearing) (such as the audio drivers disappearing) (etc...) But these type of incompatibilities do not affect all computers, just some.
  2. Hi Soundguruman - thanks for taking time to respond to my question. Sorry for the late response, I was not well.

    I have done installing SP3 patch and the removing of the upper and lower filters and reboot, all recommended by Microsoft, but it didn't help. I have a feeling that it was an automatic microsoft update that caused this too, but heck, I dont know which one did this. I will proceed to work on the details your've provided next. Will feedback to you in this forum. Again, many thanks.
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