Need help picking a CPU

I'm looking to upgrade my CPU. Currently I have Athlon X2 4800 2.5ghz. I want to upgrade to the fastest available. I have the AM2 socket in this motherboard.

How do I determine what wattage the motherboard can handle?

All the 3.0ghz and faster processors are 125 watt. The Brisbane 4800 I have now is 65 watt. Will I be OK if I upgrade to a 125 watt? What about 89 watt?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. You need to see a cpu support list from HP to determine the fastest cpu for that m/board.

    Anything else is just a guess and or luck.
  2. OK.
    I found this.

    It states:
    Supports the following processors:

    * Athlon 64 X2 65W with Dual Core technology

    So I think I can only get 65 watt processors. Bummer if this is true, I'd be maxed at 2.9 ghz.
  3. could try the new 89W 6000+, although dont recommend it if it says 65W.
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