Strange voltages?

Hello. I have a strange thing showing up on HWmonitor. Its telling me that my +5 and -5v lines are really off. Ill list the voltages and if someone can tell me if running my machine on this would be hazardous I would appreciate it.

Voltages Value Min Max

cpuvcore 1.33v 1.28 1.34
Vin1 2.53 2.53 2.53
+3.3V 3.33 3.30 3.36
+5v 1.75 1.75 1.75
+12v 12.22 12.10 12.35
-12v -6.21 -6.34 -6.14
-5v -13.76 -13.76 -13.76
+5v vcch 0.27 0.27 0.27
VBAT 3.30 3.30 3.30

Im running a phenom 9850, 6bg ram, 2 sata hard drives, one asus dvd/rw drive and an 8800gt (though Im waiting for a response before I stress the psu with the card)

Seems the issue is on the +5 and -5 and I dont know about the -12 but it confuses me! lol any info would be great! Thanks =D
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  1. I doubt that is correct, as it is so off. If that was correct i assume your hard drive would be failing. Additional, software voltages are always way off.

    If you really want to know, check them directly with a multimeter. It is simple, but you can check how to on various websites.

    however, i am not responsible for any harm that could be caused with messing around with your psu
  2. well it was either a bad reading or a bad psu so since it seems more likely a bad reading Ill go with it. I just lost one psu and this is my backup so not much choice anyways. Thanks for the quick response
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