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I plan on getting an Intel X-25M 80gb soon to use as a boot drive and my WD Black Caviar as a storage drive. I was wondering that if you wanted to use a SSD along with a storage drive, do you just plug in both drives via SATA and thats it? Will they both be detected automatically when installing Windows?

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    Yup, that's it. The SSD looks just like an ordinary hard drive to the OS, except that Windows 7 is smart enough to enable it's SSD optimizations for it.

    Hint: Make sure that the SSD is the ONLY drive that's connected when you install Windows 7. If the Win7 installation program sees multiple drives it will install the OS on the drive you choose, but it will also install a recovery partition on a different drive (if there's space available). The recovery partition will be the one that the system boots from, then then in turn loads the OS from the OS drive. IMHO that unnecessarily complicates matters, so I remove the other drives to force the recovery partition and the OS to be on the same drive.
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