Asus P5K - SE Vista 32 Bit *HELP* !!!

Hey all, first off all, i'm fairly knew to the whole computer lingo sorta thing, and my knowledge on computers is sub par.

Comp Specs:
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
8800 GTS 320mb
2gb DDR2 800mhz RAM
250 GB HDD

Firstly, my problem began after I had reformatted from Windows XP Pro to Vista Ultimate 32bit. Everything was running fine... did the windows update, installed SP1, until i realised I had no sound at all with the default vista drivers (plugged from rear jacks). I have lost the CD which came with my motherboard which I bought about 18 Months ago (silly me) and now I am stuck with a dilema..

I went crazy downloading a vast variety of Realtek Audio Drivers as that was my previous drivers on XP.. which were absolutely amazing as I am a gammer I use headphones as well as speakers, I had figured out after alot of trial and error (all this whilst in XP Pro) that I could set it as Stereo speakers, but use the "Rear Out" jack at the back to be insync with the Front speakers so that I didn't have to do any plugging in and out whenever I wanted to game... meaning I could use both headphones and speakers simultaneously. Before I had discovered this I was plugging speaker and headphone in and out of the front jacks of my case... till it stuffed up which casued the sound to cut out and distort.. so I am unable to use the front jacks now.

I had downlaoded the lastest Audio HD Realtek drivers from ASUS website, but the only sound I am getting is "Rear Speaker" from the back jack when set to 4 speakers or 5.1, 7.1 etc ... When set to Stereo or 4, 5.1 etc, I get nothing from my back jacks from the default speaker green hole.. When i plug my speakers into the Front green jacks on any speaker set up they still work just distorted sound and I need to actually apply pressure on the jack to hear the sound.. Which in the Realtek Control Panel is the exact same title to the rear jack, I am able to get sound but using the front jacks Is not an option for me..

So in conlusioon my question is, Am i able to simulate the same set up which I had during Xp Professional using Realtek ? Or is there another driver software which I should try. Is there a place that I can download the ASUS P5K SE installation disk??

Another this is that when I plug something in, normally in XP , a box would pop up saying what it was, but I could change it, now in Vista this automated pop up box only applys for the front jacks, but not the rear.

Thanks in advanced,

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  1. Hi jbmono, thanks for the help, and the reply :D
    umm, I tried download all that, reseting bios to default etc and I have gotten my hands on a CD from a mate, but i still cant manage to get the back jack working, only front works... But i have to apply pressure on it, and the sound is still some what distorted at times though still listenable..

    When i was with XP, the Realtek HD audio control pannel thing that pops up was an aqua blue'ish colour and I was able to change what the jack was used for when a box poped up everytime i had put a jack in (back or front) but now as im with vista 32 bit ultimate, the realtek audio drivers (both fromt he site which u gave me and the vista drivers on CD) have a white background and only a box pops up when something is plugged into the front...

    is there anyway to get the box popup when i plug something into the back?? as i think that would be the solution to my problems.. :D

    anyway thanks again =D

  2. Quote:
    First things first, dont panic!
    The P5K SE is a robust lil bugger! make sure you have the latest drivers from (ASUS) like u said you have << Just checking. I think you may have turned off the front audio (HD output) in your BIOS settings. All you will have to do is go in to the settings (press delete on start up) then for you i would recomend loading the defult settings. Your system settings will not be affected by looking at you computer stats. Once you have done that save changes and exit. This should fix the problem as I have had that exact same prob. If you get stuck and still need the P5K SE disk hit me back. Or you can just download all the latest drivers from the w/page.
    Good Luck Have Fun

    Another Chris XD

    Hi annonymous, you said if that other guy needed the disk to hit you back, well hey guess what I could do with a copy of that disk, bought a secondhand board with no disk, any suggestions where could get a copy.

    Thanks Gary. Edit by mod,you aren't allowed to post e-mails in public forums.

    Not sure if you will get this message as its an old thread and I may be doing this wrong anyway.

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