NVIDIA can use the DX10.1 effects in Far Cry 2

Perhaps Nvidia users wont lose out as first thought?

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  1. well they don't really use DX 10.1 they just similar API use, Nvidia still uses DX 10 though, but it works in the same way, so both cards will be able to profit from this when the Drivers are released.

    Thats my 2 cents:)
  2. I guess it wouldn't make sense if Ubisoft advertised the game as a 'Way it's meant to played' if the game really needed ATI hardware to be experienced to the full and add to the fact Far cry was developed on Nvidia Hardware.
  3. Just to stop confusion with my above statement, I'm talking about GFX features and NOT performance. I am not trying to claim that Nvidia can run the game faster.
  4. well it can lol at the moment. DX 10.1 isn't going to be enough to put the ATI single GPUs over the Nvidia GPUs, its just nice to have a card that plays about as fast as the top end Nvidia, while maintaining about half the price.
  5. This is meaningless. Dx10.1 is just another gimmick to confuse people. Nvidia already have one pointless gimmick (physx), do they really need to get onboard ATI's share of this crap too? It's not like you can notice any difference in Assassin's Creed dx10.1, back when it's still supported. Far Cry 2 is just an underwhelming console port no matter how many gimmicks they try to load it up with. :sarcastic:
  6. nVidias software solution for partial DX10.1 is only good if its included in the game, for one, and it isnt full DX10.1 either for another. We will soon actually see the difference very soon, as 2 games are coming soon, and then well finally be able to see the difference , hopefully not only in performance, but if the games are using it, in features as well
  7. its the best port I've ever played:D
  8. DX10.1 isnt a gimmick, any more than any Dx was ever a gimmick. Have you seen the results of using DX10.1 on a DX10.1 capable card? Its mostly performance, true, and thats a gimmick? Here http://ati.amd.com/products/pdf/directx10.1whitepaperv1.0final.pdf Some good info on this "gimmick".
  9. FC2 runs like poo in Vista for me. Looks like it skips a few frames every 5 seconds and objects go from point A to point C...pretty annoying. It is Vista 32 with 4GB of RAM...but...I wouldn't think there is a shortage of RAM there.

    I was excited about a DX10.1 performance gain over DX9/XP but it is the same old same old. Wonder if drivers can help it out.

    I have hopes that DX11 can step things up a bit with the multithreading support. With both NV and ATI supporting DX11, hopefully there will be a quicker adoption among developers than with DX10.1.
  10. meh it runs fine for me, solid 50+ frames with 8xs AA 1680x1050w with 2 280s:)
  11. L1qu1d said:
    meh it runs fine for me, solid 50+ frames with 8xs AA 1680x1050w with 2 280s:)

    Haha, 2 280s....I sure hope you are getting some good FPS with those bad boys. I am tempted to start looking for a second 4870.
  12. lol

    I think that opening a Video card boxed is just about as satisfying as seeing the results, its all very addictive:P lol!!!
  13. I wouldn't say DX10.1 is the only reason to buy a certain GFX card or Physx for that matter. DX10 hasn't even been widely adopted, so the chances of an Abundance of DX10.1 games is unlikely.
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