My new computer build won't stay powered on

I had a custom built computer that was running fine until one day the liquid cooling systems pump went out, eventually this caused the computer to over heat and not stay powered on for very long. Eventually the computer would not even stay on long enough to boot up. I decided to remove the liquid cooling system and was going to replace it. However i decided no to and instead I ordered new parts to rebuild the system.

The specs for the original computer were

ASSUS P5N32-SLI Premium motherboard
2 sticks of corsair DDR2 memory
Intel core 2 Extreme CPU
Thermal take 700watt power supply
150GB western digital raptor hard drive
Nvidia Geforce 8600gt graphics card

So for the new system I kept the intel core 2 extreme cpu, the 2 sticks of corsair DDR2 ram, and I replaced the motherboard, Graphics card, and power supply.

The new system specs are

New EVGA NForce 780i SLI FTW motherboard
same 2 sticks of corsair DDR2 memory
same intel core 2 extreme cpu
New 850 watt thermal take power supply
same Raptor 150GB hard drive
New Nvidia e-GEForce 9800 GTX graphics card.

After I assembled the system and turned on the power the leds on the mother board light up. Then when I press the power button on the front of the case all the fans power on and system begins to run, however no signal is displayed on the monitor. I hear some beeps from the mother board and the display for the post codes that built into the motherboard works. The codes change a couple of times and then when it reads the FF code for boot that's about the time everything shuts of., but then after a few more second the system stops, the fans shut off and nothing is running, although the lights on the motherboard are still on. I have tried everything I can think of but can;t seem to get the computer to stay powered on long enough to boot up or display anything on the monitor. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciate , this is making me very frustrated, since I have replaced almost everything I thought could be the cause of the problem and I still cannot get it to boot.
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  1. Well you still have 1 components that could have been damaged, your CPU. Your CPU is probably the #1 possible victim from your last scenario. You need to be able to test it in another system to make sure it isn't at fault. Make sure your water cooling system is functioning properly also. Theoretically, your old system should have shutdown before heat could have damaged your components, but realistically, your CPU could have been. Check the CPU in another system, and for $hits & giggles, I'd test the RAM too.
  2. Did you remember the 4/8pin connector for the CPU, and did you remember the GPU power?
  3. I don't have another computer to test the cpu or ram in. Yes all the power connection pins are hooked up
  4. Ok update I removed both sticks of memory and powered up the computer and I got the long constant beep, it happened 3 times and then everything powered off just like before. Does that mean the cpu is working or not?
  5. If nothing else is working you are sure that the CPU is ok because if it was not you wouldn’t get any beeps or post code. Check that you have fitted any extra power supply leads that may be needed, check that the graphics card is plugged in correctly, and that the board is mounted without touching any unused standoffs and that the ram is the correct type for your motherboard. Good luck.
  6. If your last system died, and stopped booting, after your liquid cooling pump died I would guess that you could have possibly burned up your CPU.

    Considering that you replaced the motherboard and video card, and things still don't work, I'm willing to bet your CPU is toast. The chances of your memory sticks overheating are pretty slim by comparison. So I kinda doubt that's it.

    The fact that you've put this CPU into your old motherboard, and now this new one, and it still won't work, suggests this CPU may indeed be dead. (Though it's possible the mobo could be DOA)

    I know it's not a definitive answer, but I'm leaning toward a bad CPU.
  7. Yea, like I mentioned before, you really need to find a system to test it in. Maybe you have some friends that would let you put your CPU into their system to test it? Or, if you had another compatible CPU to get ahold of, from a friend as well maybe, to put into your system to see if things are more stable. Either way, you should be able to determine if the CPU is the culprit or not. Good Luck.
  8. I tired powering the computer up with 1 stick of ram in, but I still get the same constant beep as I did when no memory is inserted. I also tried the stick in all four slots.(graphics card is not in at this time)
  9. I thought it might be the cpu as well, but I thought if I received the system beeps with only the motherboard, cpu, and power supply hooked up then my cpu was ok am I wrong about that
  10. Would it be possible to take a core 2 duo processor out of a working laptop and see if it would boot my other computer or vise versa and put my extreme into the laptop to test it?
  11. My vote is the ram as you'll need to complete the circuit within the board and thermaltake PSU's will usually stay on 4-5 seconds then totally shut off.
  12. so does anybody think if i get 2 new sticks of ram, that will boot up or is it more likely the cpu. I ask bc the cpu I have is one of the most expensive ones and I really can;t afford to replace it at this time, but I need my computer running again ASAP, bc I have to get some important info off of it
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