Overclocking my system

Hi There,

I want to overclock my system, because when i am trying to play games in high settings, i can play for abt 30 minutes and then my screen freezes and the game exits.

My config
1.ASUS P4P800SE mobo
2.Intel P4@3.4ghz
3.3GB DDR400 memory
4.HIS radeon 4670 graphic card ( currently set at graphic clock@640mhz and memory is 1bg ddr3 and clock set@900mhz.

In my BIOS FSB shows 800 but in CPU-Z it shows only 199 and in my BIOS it is greyed and i can only use preset values in my BIOS (like5%,10%etc).I strongly believe that the problem is from the graphic card, i tested many clocks using the ati tool and set it where it has passed the tests. But when i am trying to play IGI2 at high settings, i am unable to play it for no longer than 30 minutes.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. overclocking will not fix system freezes.

    you need to find out why your system is freezing, and fix that before you attempt overclocking.

    from your post, i gather you currently have your GPU overclocked? if so, its probably not stable, so reduce it close to stock levels. this may stop the crashing.

    the levels that auto-tune pump out are not guaranteed to be stable. you need to conduct your own tests to determine if they are.
  2. Hi there,
    thank you so much for the reply. Yes I did overclock it but still the game freezes. The message I get is "graphic processor no longer able to follow commands from the graphic driver" then the VPU recover comes up and asks me to mail it to ATI, but I don't have a mail account so unable to send it. The next day I did reduce all the levels stock values but this time too the same problem, then thought that the heat not going out of the case well, so I added fans in front and back of the case but no change. I always get the same message everytime as said above. I also have a thought, is there any bottlenecks in my configuration, by the way my card is of the AGP slot type, I am stuck.
  3. the problem isnt due to a bottleneck, it sounds like a driver issue. are you running the latest drivers for your video card?
  4. yes the latest one, i think heat is the major issue.
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