need help picking a suitable tower case...

hi, yesterday i asked for help to pick out some components and several people were very helpful, today i went to the store to pick out a new motherboard, a p45 chipset as was recommended here, but i found it was too big and would not fit in my tower case.

can someone here recommend a suitable tower in which a p45 motherboard, a core 2 duo E8500 processor, 4 gb of ram and a geforce gx2 video card will fit that is very cheap? lol, im kinda over budget.

thanks in advance
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  1. I like the cm690
  2. the cm690 is $80 off amazon...hmm a bit expensive...are you certain all my components will fit in it??
  3. I know the feeling of overbudget, been there, done that.
    Antec 900 $80 free shipping from for good cooling, gaming type case.
    Coolermaster Elite 330 $41 free shipping not as good cooling, standard looking case, but it's cheap
    Antec 300 -better cooling then the coolermaster, cheaper at $40 free shipping
  4. I've built quite a few PC's with the Coolermaster CM 690. Its a really solid case for the price (around $75). Plenty of cooling and room. I've only put 8800's and 4870's in them though, but I assume it'd fit as I still have plenty of room behind the cards I've been installing up to this point.

    Another good case is the Antec 900, I can confirm for sure that this case will fit a 9800GX2 as my friend has one of these. Just don't plan on placing a hard drive at the same height as the video card, as there is only about a 1" clearance from the back of the card to the HDD bay. It fits fine, you'll just have to keep that one bay free of a hard drive.
  5. thanks guys, this should be helpful, that $40 case has caught my eye. $40 + $6 s+ h = :)
  6. id go for the CM690 or Antec 900 :)

    i personally have the CM690 and its great :)
  7. I have both the Antec 900 and the 300 I would recommend the 300 for a great inexpensive case.
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