Dynex sound card aux help PLEASE

Hello, i just recently went to best buy and got the cheap $25 dollar dynex sound card 5.1 digital and it has optical output that i need for my z-5500 that im getting for christmas. Should i have gotten it or with the z-5500 should i take it back and get something a lil nicer with optical output? Anyways on my computer on the front i have two ports for sound a red one and a green one they used to go to the mobo at the end its a peice of plastic together and its like 8 pin slots so both the green and the red were together going into the mobo.
With the dynex the only thing it has is a one layer 4 port they call it aux 1 pin slot and something for CD1 and another thing called W1 its like 16 pins i think so im guessing the thing that i have the aux is soposed to go into the aux 1 on the card but it wont fit cuz its only 4 pins for one port and mine is 2 ports together to make 8. What do i do? Do i just lose the 2 front ports or do i get a better sound card?
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More about dynex sound card please
  1. The z5500 doesn't require optical to hookup, truth be told it make little to do difference with even onboard sound. Optical connection will sound the same regardless of what card it's comming from.
    I would recommend hooking up the z5500 to the standard 6 channel output on the back of the card, if you have it on the motherboard return the dynex card, it's bestbuy house brand garbage. If you wanna play surround sound in games you'll need a EAX compatible sound card like the X-Fi Gamer. Otherwise you'll only get surround sound in movies.
  2. wow now im even a lil more confused. what do i need for 6 channel output cords and card? my mobo sound is shot only one side works so i need a card im confused what 6 channel output is i thought optical was the best
  3. oh is 6 channel the green port? then just use a 3.5 to 3.5mm jack from the speakers to the comp?? Well i want sourround sound in movies and games and my onboard sound is busted wouldnt the smartest thing be just to get a EAX compatible card with optical? ive allrdy purchased the optical cords :(
  4. wow one more question do i need a EAX sound card for surround sound music?
  5. if u want to use optical. You want to something that supports Dolby Digital Live.


    I think that will do it....
  6. That card dosnt have optical ares but thanks for help any other ideas?
  7. Yes it does. There is a flex jack, the mic port also works as an optical out through a 1/8 to RCA.

    another option would be:

    But do not get the old X-fis; for example, my elite pro does not do dolby digital live without the infamous Daniel K driver (doesn't matter for me as i have an old denon amp)
  8. hows this one? Is it any better thn the one you las showed me and do all these have the dolby and eax stuff i will need?
  9. I meant instead of using optical use the 3.5mm jacks. Green, Orange and Black. Optical is fine too if you'd rather use that. I only suggest using the 3.5mm jacks because the cables for which are included in the box. The creative sound card linked by ares would be a much better investment It supports EAX, and should give surround sound in movies and games.
  10. i havent opened the box yet cant intill xmas dont the green orange black go from speakers to the controller? then optical from sound card to controller input?
  11. shoot i diddnt link this one isa little bit more but is it any better
  12. The difference for you is:

    You can hook up your speakers via a few 1/8 inch (3.5mm) plugs. If you hook it up via the colored plugs, the sound card will do all the DAC conversions (which may be better than the speakers, but it is doubtful if you are using on board). Although, if you use analogue you will be sure that surround will work in all games. You can also hook it up digitally, but the sound card must support Dolby digital live or else surround wont work in games (but if it does work, it will sound better than analogue). The first gen x-fi did not support this, but the asus and the new x-fis that we linked do support this.

    The easiest way to get the whole set up working is by linking multiple cables to your speakers from your sound card; however, this might not be the best sound. Digital hookup may be better, but it will be harder for you to get it to work.

    I believe i got it right, but correct me if i am misunderstood.
  13. my on board sound is shot i got a intel dg31pr board but sound only works on right side. So should i just go ahead and get one of the x fi's u linked and what i linked what ones better? And use optical
  14. They are built on the same chip, so i don't think there is any difference other than that nice cover and the front panel connector inputs thingy. However, i will edit the post if i find another difference.

    Also, i know this is a stupid statement, but make sure your motherboard has PCI-E 1x.
  15. wow lol the dg31pr only has a pci-e 16x and pci slots no pci-e 1x does this mean i needa get a new mobo?
  16. LOL my bad i do have a pci-e 1x but my gaming card covers it up ugh what now
  17. can u put a pci-e 1x in a pci-e 16x?
  18. I belive it works. Other have said it works. I have never tired it.
  19. yeah but then i got no where to put my vid card lol
  20. problem....

    The only thing i can think of is that you should try to find one of these on ebay: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829156005&Tpk=prelude

    Or you could use any sound card and hook it up via analogue leads
  21. Analog sucks i want the good stuff... that card dosnt have optical? Or am i just missing it?
  22. Also ares in a game and in the computers tv card that i just installed in get a very annoying clicking noise is this a isolated issue? Someone told me it was something to do with the motherboard is this true?? Any ideas on that?
  23. Normally you are hearing hard drive noise because your sound card is either soldered to your motherboard, or is on you motherboard and not shielded very well. Try moving your sound card to the bottom PCI slot placing as much distance between the sound card and other components on the motherboard. For example, my X-Fi sits in the bottom slot while my video card and tv tuner sit in the top two.

    Analogue is not bad. Remember that sound IS analogue. if you move it in digital channels, you are just changing the point where it is transferred from 1s and 0s to current to drive speakers. This attempts to reduce signal loss, but for me (using an elite pro), the DACs (Digital to analogue converters) are better than most speakers DACs. Although your speaker dacs are most likely better, you will not get true surround sound in digital unless you are using those Dolby Digital Live cards. Otherwise, analogue is not a bad option.

    Enjoy your speakers. I will go back to my vintage audio, AB stereo. and Marantz cabinets (running analogue -_-).
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