poor performance GTX280

Hi all,

I have had my GTX280 for about a month and have let this poor performance go on way too long.

PC specs:

Q6600 @ 3.0
4gb g.skill 1066
evga 750i FTW (latest chipset drivers and bios)
2 Velociraptors in Raid 0
X-fi Xtremegamer
Vista 64-bit

I am playing WoW, TF2 and CoD4. in all games my perfomance from my old 8800GTS is just terrible. The 8800 was getitng better fps then this 280. I have it installed in the top pcix slot on the mobo, I seen a suggestion of dropping it to the bottom slot, havent tried that. I also went into rivatuner and adjusted the EnablePerfLevelForcing to a value of 1. Still no go

In wow I get around 35-50fps with not everything even turned up. In CoD4 I may see 20-35fps if im lucky. same for TF2.

Any tips or tricks? Also should state im running the latest drivers for this card.

Edit: Im also running in 1920x1200 or 1920x1080, I dont notice any difference between the 2
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  1. heat?
  2. If you overclocked without locking pcie to 100mhz, it sometimes revert to 1x.
  3. heat is not a problem, Im also water cooled.

    In the bios i have the pcie speed @ 100, do I need to bump this up, I also did not OC the card at all.
  4. jblunck said:
    heat is not a problem, Im also water cooled.

    In the bios i have the pcie speed @ 100, do I need to bump this up, I also did not OC the card at all.

    No, keep it locked at 100mhz. Pcie bus can increase when you oc cpu. Gpu oc doesn't matter.

    It could be leftover driver conflicting. This might help.
  5. did a fresh install of vista :( I wish it were that simple, I have it locked @ 100 in Bios.

    I dunno whats going on, with my system specs I know Im not bottlenecking.
  6. RMA?
  7. This would be the 2nd RMA on the card in general, the first one for the same deal, Im beginning to wonder if its not just poor performance on this board of some sort.
  8. Lets back track a little. First do you still have your 8800 gts ? I would reset the bios get some benchies from the old card and the new one. Then do a step up ocing with the memory trapping set 1:1. change the cards out on every step and just see if it is a bad OC.
  9. Um... I'm not sure about anyone else, but I have an 8800gt, and I'm not having any trouble with those games, I'm running at 1400x900, but i have run all of those games at 1920x1080, and I get at least 45fps even in heavy firefights. So its not your graphics card, its something else. Not your hard drives, I'm running from an IDE still, my Q6600 is only at 2.4, I only have 2gb of 800Mhz ram, I'm using a 750i chipset as well, (MSI P7N Platinum) I'm using onboard audio. (I know, but I can't afford a new card at the moment) That leaves us with one of these pieces likely at fault, try a x86 version of vista, see if that is it. As well, run a ram check to see if one of your ram sticks are bad. I can safely say though, that it is not, at least not exclusively, your graphics card that is giving poor performance.
  10. Whats your power supply? Could be the classic under powered system.
  11. 850w Silverstone

    I like the thinking of reverting back to the gts, only problem, I dont have it, Memory has passes everything, including changing back to my g.skill 800 sticks.

    Hard drives are on par (and then some)

    sound card I had completely disabled and uninstalled, same problem.

    I got it working better, up to about 120fps in CoD4 and TF2, wow however is still struggling.

    I went back and uninstalled drivers, reseated the card and went at it again.

    I had Vista 32 ultimate before going over to 64 bit, same issue.
  12. What do you mean WoW is struggleing. WoW depends on alot more then GPU.
  13. Im running WoW at 1920x1200, not everything on full, and it struggles to push 35-50 fps, all the time.

    I've been playing wow since 2003 in beta, have always had a machine that was more than capable, this machine now is far better specs than my last and it is struggling, I might point out this is my first nvidia chipset as well. I have my Q6600 now at 3.2, ram at 5,5,5,15 , and of course my raid 0 velociraptors, the soundcard is as above mentioned, this system should not be chugging with WoW at all is my point.

    my 8800gts with an e6420 @ 3.0 did better, I just went from it to the quad, a new mobo and ram from 800 to 1066(not an upgrade, really), this thing should be pushing WoW no problem especially at the graphics settings im running it at
  14. Do you have good internet service? Hows your ping?

    Also WoW is not optimized for quad, and your old cpu had a faster bus because of the lower multiplier. Maybe the faster bus is the ticket?
  15. Ping is good, Im always in the green usually around 60ms or so, again not an issue, just seems weird that my quad at 3.4 or 3.2 or even 3.0 for that matter couldnt handle wow?

    Do you all think I should get away from my quad and go back to like an e8500 or something with this build? I'm at a loss really. Ive been in this business for 10 years, I have a CCNA, MCSA, A+ and Network+ and usually figure something out that remedies the situation. Technology is ever changing, I try to keep up on all fronts but its tough considering I'm working on my CCNP while being a network admin. Thats why I usually come to this forum, people have seen these situations before, I open for recommendation, whether it be drivers, rebuild something, etc.

    Thanks for all the help so far!
  16. The quad is handleing it fine. You just aint gettin more then the dual core cause the game wasnt made to use the extra cores.

    If anything its a video card issue. Try older drivers or different resolutions. WoW might not like that resolution for one reason or another.
  17. Did you leave the 12v power connector disconnected from the back of the card?
    I did that with my Zotac one by accident, I thought my card was defective because my games were running very slow, but placing the connector in fixed it.
  18. WoW is the problem here i guess.

    After the latest patch (3.0.x) they changed some things, graphics wise. Stutters/glitches everywhere. Pre-patch it ran smooth upto 150-200fps constant (1680x1050 / everything maxed).

    I've read several forumthreads about this. It seems more ppl have problems with it.
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