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I am overclock my PII 940, i got to 3.6 ghz with the voltage on auto, but i cant go any higher without major unstability. So when i go into the cpu voltage options, my lowest choice is 1.55V. I'm almost positive that is way too high. What can I do?
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    Hi men. It's a good OC for the 940. The recomended voltage for AMD processor isn't more that 1.5V, so, in your case you can set to 1.55V but is dangerous for your processor, my advice is that not set the 1.55V.
  2. Yea, but thats my lowest choice, that or auto. so i wont be able to OC it anymore?
  3. For now left the voltage on auto, update the BIOS of your mobo and try again.
  4. um, i think i updated it sort of recently but ill check.
    edit: yea i have the latest.
  5. That's strange. Does you try with the evga support?
  6. I dont want to fill in 40 boxes of information just to sign up and send them an email hehe
  7. ^jejeje, good reason, sometimes i do the same, but in this case could be necessary that you do.
  8. Eh, i'll be happy with the OC that i have now. I'd rather leave my computer alone when it's working well.
  9. Ok, and any another question don't be afraid to ask me.
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