Kingston DOESN'T honor warranty in Brasil

I was thinking buy a Kingston SSD in Amazon, and ask for my son that lives in US forward it to me.
Before my final decision, I called to Kingston here for know about the warranty procedure, and for my surprise they said that if I buy a Kingston product in US, I'll have to send back to US for repair, if something happen !!!
As a Apple and Intel customer, I never had any issue when I need to repair an iten, because both companies honor their warranties in any place of the world.
I'd like to warn another prospects trying buy Kingston outside their own countries.
After that issue, I bought an Intel and recommend to everyone check about warranty before buy an expensive product like a SSD.
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  1. That's not uncommon, an international company doesn't have to accept products for warranty replacement if it was bought in another part of the world. In some cases, you get no warranty at all because it counts as grey import and may even be illegal.

    However, with you having bought Intel, you made a good choice and you'll enjoy that product for a long time. Now make sure you don't install XP to it.
  2. Thank you..., XP, Vista e 7 never more, now ONLY Snow Leopard !!!
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