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Ok, so I'm starting to OC my new system and now I'm not sure what to tweak next. Here is where I stand:

Phenom II 720BE, unlocked 4th core
MOBO: ga-ma785gmt-ud2h (mATX)
Xigmatek S1283 air cooler
Crucial 2x2gb ddr3 pc3-8500 unbuff
OCZ 550w Fatal1ty PSU
1 120mm case fan on the back of the case

Current OC settings:
ACC: Hybrid, All Cores, +0%, CPU Core Control: Auto
IGX (HD4200) Core Clock: 700, 512mb UMA
CPU Ratio: 18 = 3.6GHz
NB, CPU Host Clock, PCIE Clock, HT Link Widt, HT Link Freq, Set memory Clock: Auto
DRAM config: Manual, entered stock timings (7-7-7-20)
Sys Volt Control: Manual
DDR3 Volt, NB, SB, CPU NB VID: Normal
CPU Voltage Control: +0.150 = 1.475v

I have tested the system using Prime95 running the Torture test, Blended, 4 threads for 5 minutes with no BSOD. CPU temps peaked at 51C, idles at 31C

I'm not looking to run this machine to its limits, rather, maybe find the limits and back off several points in favor of longevity.

I'm running in a mATX mid-tower, currently do NOT have a discrete GPU, but intend to later install a HD5770.

So, what do I tweak next?
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    well you could either keep pushing your CPU until you either reach to high a temperature or your CPU's limit.

    OR you leave it at 3.6ghz test for stability for 8+ hours, and then either call it a day or try and tweak your memory speed or timings.
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