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A friend of mine is complaining that his stock dell is not as fast as it should be. We completely started fresh by formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows XP pro. It seems to work fine for me, but he wants to throw in a drive to make her really cook. I had a 10k raptor in mine but he wants to go SSD. It has sata connectors but is there any other problem you think we might run into before installing this:

Thanks for your help.
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    There are no problems as long as there are indeed SATA 3Gbps ports in the motherboard.

    However, I don't recommend the SSD you chose. The Kingston V series do not have TRIM support, which will make the SSD slow down as more files are written to and deleted from it. XP doesn't have TRIM support, so you might say it's OK, but it's a characteristic of SSDs to slow down once the flash cells have been filled and deleted.
  2. Fair enough thanks for the feedback.
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