I want to hit 4GHz on i7 920 - Is it possible?


I finally got my Coolermaster V8 back from Newegg's RMA so I attempted my overclock following overshocked's guide. My system consists of:

Core i7 920
Cooler Master V8 Cooler
2x EVGA GTX 260 in SLI
Corsair 750TX PSU
6GB G.Skill RAM 1600Mhz

So far I have reached...

Reference Clock: 182.5 Mhz
Core Speed: 3833.5 Mhz
VCore: 1.247 V

Other info:

RAM currently running at 1464 Mhz but is rated at 1600
Turbo boost is OFF
Hyper-threading is ON

My issue is, I can't seem to get passed this. When I raise my reference clock to 185Mhz, I start crashing. So I raise the VCore. However, as much as I raise it (almost +0.05V keeping constant 185 ref clock), it always fails Prime95 test within 5 minutes.

It has to be a setting that I must be missing because I have plenty of room before my thermal threshold hits. I am currently at 63°C on full load at 3.83GHz. Can someone help me pick out what I'm doing wrong here? I have followed overshocked's instructions step by step.

The only step I did not follow was "Change the QPI link speed to the lowest possible setting" because I could not find a BIOS setting that seemed to correctly correspond to his instructions. CPU-Z currently reads 3285.7 MHz as the QPI Link frequency.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. My goal is to hit 4.0 GHz. I think I can do it since I'm still at 63°C full load and have plenty room until I hit 75°C on full load (which will be my max). Thank you guys in advance.

P.S. - if you haven't noticed, i'm totally a noob. This is my first computer build and my first overclocking attempt. But i am an engineer so feel free to lay it on me.
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  1. Dude...I loaded 'Fail Safe' defaults and just turned on XMP...Now i idle at 1.8GHz, a Speed Step on up to 4.0GHz on demand! So like...I think it's better than just overclocking to a static frequency you know? It's all dynamic and energy savy and everything...it's sweet...
  2. try to increase the multyplyey 1 and see if it can go to 4 ghz or use unlinked fbs with ram fbs
  3. Yes it is very possible


    If I remember correctly, clock was at 200, cpu Volt was 1.35 ish, and I had DDR 3 1333 which is now overclocked to 1600. EVGA Forum has a really good guide that tells you what to change and why you need to change it. It also shows you what to do in the even of certain blue screens. Here is the link http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=7528 . Took me about 3 hours to get everything stable but now im running 4ghz 24/7 with the corsair H50 cooler. If you have any questions send me a PM and ill try and help you out.
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