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I recently purchased a XGX 8200 mobo, but I'm getting about 1/2 the FPS in games than I should be getting. The bios on the board is 1.1, there is a 1.2 (which comes in a ISO package that updates after booting from the CD) and a 1.3 which has bin that ask me to use the winflash utility to update.

I can't find winflash utliity that will work. The bios is AMI. Half the time I find a program relating to flash cards for school and the other half of the time I come to a site that just reaks of spyware. Anyone have a site that I can trust to get this program?
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  1. Winflash has it's quirks; I wouldn't use any unless it's on the xgx website. You may end up with a dead board. Also, I've never seen a bios program that improved frame rates. I would try running spyware and diskclean, as well as defragmenter. Then check your frame rates again.
  2. I was having the framerate issue after a clean install in which the only thing I did was update my drivers and install TF2 and Guildwars. My friend has an E8400 with an 8800GT and we swapped, video cards, then ram, to rule the possiblility as a defect in components. I continued with the same results in TF2 about 20-30 FPS and he had about 50-70 FPS.
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