Custom Build Out-Source...?

Being a first time builder for a decent graphics desktop have worried me to the point of trying to search a out-source assembler.
Companys like: Ibuypower OR Cyberpowerpc

Good idea :sarcastic: or should i find myself with the needed parts and cross my fingers while assembling.

The areas that have worried me to this point are: BIOS configurations and hard drive assignments. without doing this before Im worried about being without needed components/ system config.

Any crash-course list of must have's...I understand components but for getting everything to boot...and is there a proper step-by-step assembly for things like connect this first before that..? or does it not matter untill power is on..?

Maybe i should get one of those 'for dummies' books..? any good easy links would really be a help..
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  1. I'm quite sure most of us have felt this way before building for the first time.
    So here's one of the links that I used to help me understand how the assembly procedure went for my first time. Some of the pictures might be dated but most of the material still pertains to current tech
  2. If you know what all the parts are and how they work together...

    If you have the basic aptitude needed to change the air filter on your car or replace the frayed cord on mom's favorite lamp, then you can probably make it through your first PC build.
  3. Just remember if something is tough to put in a computer or difficult to do while your assembling a computer, chances are your doing it wrong. So step back and look at everything again and try to find out what you were doing wrong. Also before you turn it on, follow each wire to see it's going to the proper location, make sure the heatsink is in firmly (espically true with those annoying new pushpin heatsinks, their annoying to get in right), and turn on the computer with the side cover off so you can watch everything turn on inside the computer (fans, lights, etc) this helps a great deal if something doesnt work.

    And most importantly take precautions against ESD (electrostatic discharge), by touching the metal part of the computer case before touching the computer components. And if your working inside the computer case you can do what I do and wear a short sleeve shirt or something along those lines and lean your arms on the metal piece of the computer while working as an extra precaution.

    And since this is your first time building, your probably very nervous about building your new computer, just disasemble/rebuild an old computer you have lying around or go down to a thrift store and pick one up and practice on that. You be surprise at how easy it is to work on a computer after you disasemble/rebuild one a couple times.

    Oh and last big of advice quite a few computers are not "user safe" on the inside with lots of sharp edges so becareful about that. In fact thats how my new computer got the name Saya because I slit my thumb right down the middle somewhat deep while removing the pci slot cover, which reminded me of the character Saya from Blood+.
  4. So BIOS is there any MUST have or things to know...Is it easier than I imagine...? Im thinking Intel processor..Some quad-
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