Will flashing /updating bios reset OC?

my Oc was at a 3.4 .I recently updated my bios and now my Oc changed my cpu is about a 1.6 any advice on what to do? thanks

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  1. When you update you BIOS all of the settings are reset to default.
    So you gotta go through all the settings again.
  2. Once you get a stable overclock be sure to write down the settings so that the next time you update the bios you can restore your overclock.
  3. thanks for you reply's .im gonna wait to get my V8 before OC again i was running 3.5 on stock fan should i turn green power on to save some energy?
  4. Just as extra info for anyone flashing a BIOS by rights before you engage in doing so you should be setting your BIOS to default settings anyway.

    It is not a good idea to flash the BIOS on an OC'd machine without doing that step.

    As mentioned take note of all your OC settings then return it to defaults then flash.

    That's the proper sequence.
  5. thanks im kinda new in all of this OC stuff i had a friend do it for me .i was scared of frying my PC. so im still learning
  6. Follow directions exactly. You're much better off trying to flash from a bootable floppy or USB drive than from inside Windows.

    Because I do not have a UPS, I flash late at night (Hey! That wasn't a pun). I think the power grid is a little more stable then.
  7. i dont have a floppy drive
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