how fix failer BIOS flash

hello guys

I have problem with my X1800GTO , I tried to flash the bios with ATIFLASH
and i got blue-screen and after the restart i got no display on screen.
and the computer beep 3 times .

someone know how to fix the problem ?
or reflash the bios to defult ?
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  1. Bricked.

    3 beeps usually means "NO VGA DETECTED". At least it does on ASUS boards.
  2. If your motherboard has onboard vga, use it now. If not, hopefully you set your bios to boot from your disc or flash drive first and you have a spare rom on it..
    Boot up your dos image.
    wait about a minute.
    hit ENTER twice. wait 20 seconds.
    type DIR, wait.
    type ATIFLASH -p-0 whatever your rom is called.

    Essentially just repeat the steps you took to flash the card.
  3. you can tell me how i make a Boot-Disk cause i tried some softwears and i didnt seccsess
  4. how did you flash it?
  5. the frist flash was with the vista | and i got bluescreen : (

    i fix it : ), i connect the card with motherborad with VGA-onborad , but i didnt see the display i tried to fix it in bios , but i unsuccess
    i burn with Nero , boot-disk and i burn with this the flash files and i make BAT file with the commands and on blined i typed flash.bat i do rr and the card start display : )

    tnx alot about your help : )
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