Iomega home media network hard drive wont install


Hi really having problems. I need to get our first babies HD vid and photos backed up or i will be divorced. Please help.

I have a Dell inspiron 1100 with 1GB Ram. I can not get the PC to regonise the drive. The storage manager keeps saying no devices found. I use XP home edition. I have installed the software. Unistalled it and tried again. I have connected through the router (sky one) and directly nothing works:-(


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  1. I am assuming that when you say that you connected it directly, you mean using the USB port. If that is the case, read the manual again or try this.
    Connect it and when it searches for drives, insert the cd or dvd that came with the NAS and have XP search it for it off the disk.

    If you are using the network, make sure that teh NAS has a valid IP address so that your computer can connect to it.
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